1,500 masks sent to Algarve hospitals recalled for not protecting against Covid-19

Around 1,500 masks that had been donated and distributed among health professionals in the Algarve have been recalled for not protecting against the coronavirus, announced Ana Paula Gonçalves, chairman of the Algarve university hospital (CHUA) board of directors.

A doctor used social media to denounce that the masks, “made in China”, are, in fact, “to be used for pest control, cleaning and other activities”.

Gonçalves lamented the situation and said the masks could have been recalled “earlier” if the problem had been reported directly to the hospital authorities.

However, the hospital boss says she is certain the masks were donated “out of kindness” and will not reveal the name of the donor.

She also said it was never the board’s intention to mislead health professionals and stressed that the “ineffective masks” were still in their original packaging.

“We receive hundreds of thousands of masks which we either buy or are given. These masks were probably stored among the others,” she told Lusa news agency.

The masks will now be used for other tasks such as cleaning and landscaping.