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150 kilo-hoard of drugs found “bobbing along river Ave” near Trofa

A sharp-eyed fishermen led to the discovery of a 150-kilo hoard of drugs, bobbing along the Ave river near Trofa.

The bags of hashish pollen (a loosely-packed form of the drug) appear to have been disguarded either because their owner/s felt “at risk of arrest”, or because they weren’t of good enough quality.

For now, quality is an issue, as the drug appears to have been submerged for at least a week, say reports.

GNR divers called to the scene fished further bags from the bottom of the river, and all told the haul is thought to have had a street value of around 200,000 euros.

Said a source yesterday, the police think they have recovered all the water-logged drugs, and are now investigating to discover whether they can pin them down to any known dealers/ gangs in the area.

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Photo: GNR