15 passengers have nightmare ride as bus nose-dives off road into river bed

15 people on a bus travelling between Sacavém and Campo Grande in Camarate (near Lisbon) today had the fright of their lives when the vehicle careered off the road, and nose dived into a river bed.

Fortunately no-one appears to have been more than slightly injured.

The passengers, including at least two children, were unable to exit the vehicle until help arrived, TVI has explained.

The accident seems to have been precipitated by the wet road surface, due to hail and rain that fell overnight. 

According to reports, a car on the road ‘lost control’ – and in the confusion the bus ended up crashing through metal barriers and disappearing down a bank.

Renato Alves, president of the Junta de Freguesia has told reporters that the stretch of road where the accident happened is “very problematic” and frequently the scene of accidents.