15-minute golf warm up

Starting cold is never a good idea. Sometimes we have more time than others for a proper warm up.
Here are a few pointers that you can adjust to suit yourself, but don’t start cold.
Start thinking about your round as soon as you leave the house or sooner. Play the first three holes in your mind. Imagine every aspect of your play. See the fairway and target, feel the wind and sun. Make an imaginary practice swing and then a great first tee shot. Play the first three holes.
On arrival get just 30 range balls.
Take two clubs, your pitching wedge and 7 iron. Hold both clubs together and make 10 very slow practice swings to loosen up. If you had more time, I would recommend some stretching, but we only have 15 minutes.
Hit 6 pitching wedge shots focusing on your strike, ball first then ground.
Hit 6 pitching wedges to a target.
Hit 6 7 irons to a target.
Hit 3 woods focus on rhythm.
Hit 3 drivers focus on rhythm.
With the rest of the balls now play the first two holes as a warm up on the range. Play your drive, then your fairway shot and approach.
Now take three of your own balls to the putting green. Practice to a tee about 10 metres away. Play uphill and downhill to get a feeling for the speed of the greens. Finish by holing a few 1 metre putts.
Now get to the first tee. With your glove on, ball ready and marked, tees, pitch fork and marker already in your pocket.
Wish your partners a good round and good luck.
It is not an ideal warm up but better than starting cold.
Graham Stewart
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Graham Stewart is a British PGA professional with over 30 years’ experience. He is available for golf instruction for players of all levels, from complete beginners to tour winners.
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