14-hour hunt fails to recover lost baby

Searches resumed at 7am this morning for the ‘lost baby’, reported missing from his home in Póvoa de Lanhoso at 10pm last night.

According to reports, the child – who has only recently started to walk on his own – went missing two hours earlier.

The family spent the intervening time looking for him before alerting the authorities.

Right now (10am), the father of the child is said to be ‘helping police with their inquiries’ as agents remain on the ground spreading the search to a kilometre radius.

Following the drama, CMTV has said that it is “very unlikely” that the child would have managed to walk a kilometre on his own.

All scenarios are said to be ‘open’ at this point, including the possibility that the child has been abducted.

UPDATE: Found safe and well shortly after 10am. Now on may to hospital for routine check but everything points to the boy having walked off on his own. He was found by a neighbour, “dirty and hungry” – again lending weight to the theory that he was truly lost through the night.

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