100 kg ‘Capone’ linked to violent muggings in Lisbon finally behind bars

A massive 20-year-old weighing over 100 kgs and 1.9 metres tall is finally behind bars following months in which he is alleged to have attacked various unsuspecting people in Lisbon using devastating strangleholds.

Dubbed ‘Capone’ like the famous gangster, at least two of the young man’s victims are understood to have been ‘rendered unconscious’.

Say reports today, his modus operandi was to accost people at night – particularly after a night out and sometimes with the help of an accomplice.

The last alleged attack came earlier this month in Cais de Sodré. The ‘accomplice’ appears to have stolen a top-of-the-range iPhone from a Chinese tourist. Capone then approached the man to say he could get it back with a payment of €150. The Chinese tourist “fell for it”, reports Correio da Manhã, and went to a Multibanco machine to withdraw money, at which point he was attacked and ended up in the infamous stranglehold.

The Chinese man is one of the victims said to have been rendered unconscious.

Other stories involve a British tourist to the capital, robbed of his phone and €70 in cash.

‘Capone’ is described as having arrived in Portugal five years ago after a stint living in England where he is said to have also practised various crimes.

For now, he is in preventive custody, along with his alleged accomplice.

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