100% electric vehicles replace diesel buses in Albufeira

100% electric vehicles replace diesel buses in Albufeira

The city’s urban transport network is expected to be entirely served by 100% electric buses by the end of 2023

Five 100% electric buses started circulating on Albufeira’s GIRO urban transport network lines on September 22. The vehicles presented on the European Day Without Cars are part of a fleet of 23 electric vehicles expected to run by the end of 2023.

The five electric buses have been customised with a green version of the GIRO image, contrasting with the blue used on the diesel vehicles “to draw attention and cause greater impact on users”.

The differentiation in colour will allow users to identify the buses and indicate the moment from which the fleet will become fully electric.

The mayor of Albufeira highlighted that the use of electric buses “contributes towards improving the quality of life in the municipality, since it is a less polluting means of transport, with significant contributions in terms of environmental sustainability”.

Thanks to this investment, carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions can be reduced from 6,436.55 kilos emitted per 1000 kilometres in diesel buses (current GIRO) to just 671.60 kilos of CO2 emitted per 1000 kilometres in electric buses.

The number of lines has also increased from five to eleven, and the number of bus stops from 135 to 210. This increases the fleet’s total capacity of 496 seats to 1331. The number of wheelchairs places has also increased from 10 to 23. And bicycles can now be transported on some of the new GIRO lines.

According to the municipality, all buses have lift platforms and air conditioning. New services will also be made available, including a mobile application, online ticketing and online consultation of circuits and timetables (which will allow real-time monitoring of the stop at which the vehicle is located).

Currently, the GIRO network serves the locations of Albufeira, Branqueira, Páteo, Marina, Ferreiras (downtown) and the train station. With the new lines, the GIRO will also stop at Olhos de Água, Rocha Baixinha, Malhada Velha, Fontainhas, Cerros Altos, Mosqueira, Patroves, Galé/Salgados, Vale Parra, Guia and the Algarve Shopping.