100 Algarve companies take part in Lisbon’s Web Summit

The event takes place between November 1 and 4

About 100 technology companies from the Algarve will participate next week in Lisbon’s Web Summit to “demonstrate the Algarve’s potential” as a “new digital destination in southern Europe” for digital nomads, remote workers, investors and students”.

These Algarve companies will be represented at the Web Summit within the Algarve Tech Hub (ATH) scope. The entity said this week it intends to “open the new southern European digital destination’s doors to the world”.

“The unprecedented presence of the ATH at Europe’s most prestigious conference on entrepreneurship, technology and innovation is a decisive step to affirm and position the Algarve on the international map of technological leadership”, said the organisation.

The Web Summit is considered Europe’s largest conference on Internet technologies. It has been held annually since 2009. This year it will take place between November 1 and 4 at the Parque das Nações in Lisbon.