10 bathroom design tips

Seemingly standard cupboards with smart, unique or high-tech elements and accessories behind their doors can make a world of difference when it comes to making a bathroom more organised and user-friendly. Here are 10 top tips for your bathroom cabinets, vanity units and general storage:

Bright lighting ideas
Do you struggle to find things in your bathroom cabinet because it’s so dark inside? Built-in cabinet lighting solves the problem. Go for recessed down-lights with glass shelves, or try a backlit panel that will illuminate the entire storage space.
Also, don’t go for old fashioned switch-operated lighting; use a sensor light that automatically turns on and off when the cabinet door is opened/closed.
If you wish to enhance the mood of your bathroom, line the base of your cabinet with LED strip lighting, which can also double as a nightlight that won’t jolt you wide awake from your sleepy state.

A cubby-hole for gadgets
Want your hair dryer, straighteners, electric toothbrush or shaver to be accessible without cluttering the top of your vanity unit? A compact “nook” with a lift-up door or pocket doors where you can stash your grooming gadgets may be just what you need. Be sure to have an electrical outlet built-in so your devices can remain plugged in, charged and ready to go at all times.

A slide-out step
For youngsters who struggle to reach the basin, or for everyday items on top of the vanity, out of reach, a pullout or fold-down step is a practical addition.
It may also prove useful when cleaning, allowing you to dust and wipe down hard-to-reach spots.

Drawer organisers
Bring order to messy drawers with inserts that divide the storage space into separate, easy-to-manage sections for different bath-time and grooming essentials.

Innovative drawer runners and door hinges
It’s not pleasant waking up to the sound of someone slamming drawers/cupboards, or the sharp, shooting pain you feel after slamming your fingers in the bathroom cabinet. Innovative drawer systems and door hinges, such as push-touch drawers and soft-close drawer runners and doors, are a solid investment for any bathroom.

Mirrors inside and out
Mirrored doors are a standard inclusion on most medicine cabinets, however, why not include a mirrored interior too? It will create additional light and visibility to help you find those items tucked away at the back of the cabinet.

Hidden washer-dryer
Have nowhere obvious to put your washer/dryer? If space provides, you could always hide it in the bathroom, built into a regular cabinet housing with a false drawer front to conceal it. It will simply look like the front of a normal cabinet when closed.

Cabinet doors that stay out of the way
Ever bashed yourself when opening a medicine cabinet door? Or perhaps you simply find side-swinging cabinet doors annoying because they block your view and get in your way when open? Try doors that lift or slide.

Space makers
In bathrooms where space can be at a premium, it’s important that the storage solutions you incorporate are smart and use every last inch of room available. Rather than a tall, deep, narrow cupboard being fitted with shelving, opt for a pullout storage system which can double up as a laundry basket.

Go high tech
For those who wish they could watch the news while getting ready in the bathroom, or an episode of a favourite TV show while soaking in the bath, you can get a unit that features an integrated LCD TV screen, or built-in speakers to listen to the radio or music.
Or, a more practical suggestion might be a mirrored medicine cabinet with built-in dimmable lights or an electric defogger, allowing you to shave straight after a hot steamy shower.

By Brett Hawkins
|| [email protected]

Brett Hawkins is the managing director of GMT 24:7, a local expert in all areas of general building and property maintenance, with offices in Lagos and Almancil. | www.gmt247.eu