1 Kylie Minogue    Giving You Up

1 Kylie MinogueGiving You Up

Although she has only managed one hit in the US since her arrival as a singer in 1987, Kylie Minogue is both Australia and Europe’s biggest selling female pop singer.

Born in May 1968 in Melbourne, she was 11 years old when she began her acting career in the Australian TV drama series, Skyways, eventually gaining a starring role in the children’s series, The Henderson Kids, before achieving national fame in the five-days-a-week soap opera, Neighbours.

It was her first hit, I Should Be So Lucky, that gave her the second of her six Australian number one singles and the first of her five British number ones. Since then, she has worked with a huge variety of recording artists, like Nick Cave and Robbie Williams, and is now a household name.

Like Madonna, Kylie has revamped her image many, many times and gone from pop princess to sexy rebel, to grunge hippy and back to pop princess again. And it is as pop princess that she has remained – for the time being at least…

Now, following the success of the smash hit single, I Believe In You, Kylie will be boomeranging back to the charts with Giving You Up, the second and latest release from her Ultimate Kylie greatest hits album. The Brian Higgins/Xenomania-produced track has been released to coincide with the launch of Kylie’s 2005 greatest hits tour, aptly titled “Showgirl”.

The album is split into two discs, each representative of Kylie’s different musical eras. The first disc includes all her 80s’ hits with songwriting and production team, Stock Aitken Waterman. Most of these songs are dated, but still manage to retain their poppy charm after all these years. The second disc represents her best eras, her commercially unsuccessful 90s’ “indie” period, which include the great singles Confide in Me and Breathe, and her current dance-pop revival.

At the moment, she is back in Australia for the launch of a new exhibition – KYLIE – which celebrates her career and features over 300 original costumes donated by the lady herself, as well as other items including jewellery and photographs. She has appeared in a number of movies over the years and in 1999’s Cut, with Molly Ringwald, she made her eighth film appearance.

This is the longest and most successful of Kylie’s pop stints so far and Giving You Up is yet another classic Kylie track. It has a very upbeat vibe and, like all her hits of the last few years, once you have heard it, you just can’t get it out of your head!

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